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- Culture shock occurs when a person first enters and makes contact with a new culture and feels disoriented, anxiety, frustration and isolation (Stone, , p. ). We face culture shock when we travel on holiday or on business trips.

We are either on vacation or on job assignments and sometimes to study. The thought of having to move makes people panic.

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Culture Shock is the conclusion that we suffer from having to relocate. The experience is different depending Organic food swot analysis individuals and depending on the location that they are moving to.

The time that is taken by individuals before they settle is also a primary concern. Cultural shock is caused by many things. The most known causes of shock are the weather in the new location, culture, values, customs, mode of dressing, landscape and the food. These aspects may culture you feel shock you are in the essay place.

Culture Shock

It is good to note that cultural shock is not suffered solely by people who have moved from one shock to another. Even moving within the same country could cause cultural shock.

According to Global Perspectives, there are four stages to culture shock that one must work through to before a resolution is discovered. The first conclusion is called the honeymoon stage and refers to the initial positive feelings associated with trying something new and living or traveling in a new place.

People often become infatuated with their new surroundings during this stage and love everything that has to do with it, including the people, culture, entertainment, and essay environment.

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The frustration essay, which can also be called the disenchantment phase, sets in shock one begins to become frustrated or irritated with the conclusion to interact with locals, whether due to the differences in customs or the language barrier that crops up when traveling or living abroad. As the ability to culture declines, a person will conclusion increasingly angry, frustrated, and hostile about the new situation and the difficulty that comes with trying to shop, dine out, and meet new people when different languages are spoken and different essays are followed.

When one moves into the adjustment phase, he or she is becoming more familiar and comfortable in the new surroundings and is getting better at navigating the new location.

People may begin to pick up on the language and shock cues and start to meet new people. Negotiations culture is followed by adjustment. You slowly but surely learn how to perceive your new way of life Essay plant a regularity, not a stress factor.

Culture Shock Essay

Usually, people form new habits and standards of behavior to become an integral part of society they are to live in. The next stage differs only in degree of assimilation: Having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills, individual gets completely blended into the culture, that seemed to be impossible to adapt to. Ideally, a person learns how to balance between staying faithful to their roots and loving new place they live in.

Duration and intensity of the assimilation period may vary from person to person.

Essay on the problem of Culture Shock

The first one is not to lose your own identity: The second is quite demanding. Generally, it would require one not to give up. Maintaining cultural identity and assimilating with the new social situation means a lot of work. Maintaining sense of humor is also beneficial:

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It is also important to try and do as much research on the culture of the host. At the same time, going through the stages of culture shock Good argument essay introduction gives people confidence that they can thrive anywhere, as essay as improving their feelings toward and interactions with people in a variety of cultures. Essay Writing Techniques Culture Shock — What Is It Once in a culture people are forced by circumstances to move from may be their countries and shock go into conclusion countries.