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Romeo and juliet first impression friar -

Nevertheless, Friar Laurence decides to marry Romeo and Juliet in the attempt to stop the civil feud between the Capulets and the Montagues. When Romeo is banished for killing Tybalt and flees to Mantua, Friar Laurence tries to help the two lovers get back together using a potion to fake Juliet's death.

Friar Laurence

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15:02 Dubei:
However, when Balthasar, Romeo's servant, sees Juliet being buried under the impression that she is dead, he goes to tell Romeo and reaches him before Friar John. Soon afterwards, Juliet awakens and discovers her husband dead.

16:16 Fauramar:
Romeo, however, sees his banishment as worse than the death penalty, as Verona is the only home he has known and he does not want to be separated from Juliet. Friar Laurence plans to inform Romeo of the hoax so that Romeo can meet Juliet after her burial and escape with her when she recovers from her swoon, so he sends Friar John to give Romeo a letter describing the plan.

16:07 Gugar:
Enraged over his friend's death, Romeo retaliates by fighting Tybalt and killing him.