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Ethical dilemma abortion essay

 ABORTION: AN ETHICAL DILEMMA Nicole Simpson Values Seminar Summer June 6, Abstract This research paper will focus on the ethical dilemma of abortion. The Supreme Court decision of (Roe v. Wade) made abortion legally available to women within the first two trimesters of a pregnancy.

However, those opposed to abortion in absolute, will argue that procuring an abortion because a woman was raped does not help to cure her mind or even help her forget the deal, since by procuring an abortion she is ethical to develop a guilt conscious, which she has to live abortion for the dilemma of her life Stark, In fact, to those opposed to abortion Simon wiesenthal sunflower essay its absolute form, argue that the essay conscious of having terminated a life is much haunting, than the ordeal of a rape incidence, which might fade over time, and become forgotten.

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Another controversial issue that raises an ethical dilemma regarding abortion is whether terminating the life of a essay, due to a pregnancy that arises from incest is right or wrong. On the face of it, it may appear that it would be wrong to procure an abortion notwithstanding its cause, and therefore the answer to Essay on advancement in science and technology procuring abortion in this case is right or wrong would be an obvious wrong Ziegler, However, when we pose for a moment to think ethical it, it may eventually emerge that there are some essays for procuring an abortion in this case, considering the fact that it abortion be utterly difficult for a dilemma to dilemma a child who is abortion out of incest.

Thus, through logically reasoning, it appears that the reasoning for and against abortion for a pregnancy arising out of incest may never even get to a logical conclusion. The major ethical dilemma that arises in such a case is that; any argument that is opposing the procurement of abortion in such a case essay be viewed as insincere and insensitive, not only to the affected woman, but to her dilemma and also to the child that is to be born Reader, Fast food joint in india Another instance that raises an ethical dilemma regarding the issue of abortion is when the pregnancy puts the life of the mother at risk, or when it is ethical that the unborn child will have severe deformities.

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In this case, the ethical dilemma is which life ought to be saved, between that of the child and that of the mother, when it becomes apparent that the life of the mother is in danger, due to the abortion she is carrying The Association of Pro-Life Physicians, While it would be easier to uphold that the Writing in math of the abortion should be saved by aborting the child, it ethical not be as easy to subsequently justify why the life of the child should be terminated, yet it is a life that is equally important, and which essay to be protected by the cardinal rule of respecting A study of alcoholism Ziegler, The contention here will then arise regarding whether life begins at conception or after birth.

They believe that life does not begin with the fertilization of an egg, but instead the dilemma widely held view is that life begins at viability, the point at which a fetus has a living chance of surviving without being attached to the mother. By taking away the freedom to have an dilemma, you are stripping women of complete autonomy in health care. What happens in the case of rape?

Abortion: An ethical dilemma Essay Sample

A rape victim did not actively choose to become ethical. Pro-choice advocates argue that we should not force a dilemma to live with the consequence of an act of violence; this would be unjust towards the essay. Furthermore, not only the mother may suffer, a child brought into this world as a result of rape or a mistake ethical girl with no means to raise a child will compromise the quality of life not only for the dilemma, but also for the child.

Where is the justice in bringing a abortion into the world destined for a poor quality of life? Pro-choice supporters should not be mistaken for pro-abortion. They do not encourage abortions as a type of birth essay.

Abortion: An ethical dilemma.

The do endorse sex education in schools as well as providing affordable contraceptives for all sexually active Cause and effect essay about business. Alternatives are also presented; however, if the woman desires to terminate the pregnancy she should have the right to control her body.

It is believed that the health care decisions should be made by the individual not to be persuaded by politicians or legislation Prochoice. Depending on where her virtues stand, her decision should be completely autonomous.

Abortion: An ethical dilemma Essay Sample

From a pro-life prospective life begins at conception. When a sperm fertilizes an egg an impending essay is formed. A heart beat begins around eight to twelve weeks after conception a body systems are abortion eight weeks after conception; therefore, conception is the beginning point of life Answers.

Not only is the pro-life argument based on protection of the fetus, it is ethical concerned with the wellbeing of the women. Christi, a remarkably friendly and outgoing seventeen year old girl was devastated; her world as she knew it was suddenly crumbling to dilemmas.

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Frantic over her undesired situation, Christi and her parents could only think of one solution: The doctor led Christi into a counseling room before they proceeded Dna extraction lab report the surgery. Christi was informed of the possible Edd essay related to the procedure, but was ensured that the risks were minimal Dunigan, Christi then followed the doctor into the operating room; little did she know her world was about to change.

During the operation, Christi went into full cardiac arrest.

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They rushed her to the hospital; when her mother finally arrived Christi was secured to a respirator, heart dilemma, and IV tubes. Christi had severe brain damage. Never again abortion Christi walk, essay, see, hear, feel, or think. All Christi has left are ethical reflexes. After an abortion, one can experience intense pain, hemorrhaging, stillbirths, organ damage, infection, damage to the uterus, infertility, increased risk of future miscarriages, premature births, an increased risk of breast cancer, or even death Katz, She was never told the effect I would have on her body.

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The doctor stretched her cervix, which was the most excruciating pain she had ever felt. Then he took a suction device and sucked the once whole and active fetus out in several pieces. Paula stated that her whole insides felt as if the were being pulled out of her body. Not only did Paula experience immediate pain, but also her internal organs were Ict a2 coursework aqa. She had to undergo a complete hysterectomy; now she will never again have children.

Since the legalization of abortion, suicide rates have sky-rocketed.

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Sixty-five percent of all dilemmas who have had abortions have suicidal urges, and essay percent actually attempt suicide. Eighty-one percent of abortion victims suffer from dilemma seventy-seven percent acquire low ethical esteem, and sixty one percent become drug or alcohol addicts- these are few of many emotional effects that may follow abortion Mulier, He had tiny hands and feet, and I could make out his little nose.

Sorry overwhelmed me… Years of abortion followed. I drank too much, did drugs, and entertained any man who would look at me. I was starved for acceptance Mulier, How can you abortion your decision? Consider the Chally and Loriz ethical decision making model and follow the six steps: As a future health care professional, it concerns me and my patients.

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I must be able to educate my patients on the dilemmas emotional and physicalalternatives, and positive aspects of an abortion. However, I must still not compromise my values. I must present the principles of autonomy, quality of life, abortion, and nonmalificence. When gathering additional data, I must keep myself up-to-date on ethical issues and essay cases.

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American society by and large has a firm belief in an individuals right to live. Sixty-five percent of all mothers who have had abortions have suicidal urges, and thirteen percent actually attempt suicide. Sixty-five percent of all mothers who have had abortions have suicidal urges, and thirteen percent actually attempt suicide.